Network and Internet Configuration

Ensuring that your network is secure and fully connected is important to us. It is one of the first steps in setting up your business and CSI Belfast will work with you to establish all the details and users of your network, who needs access where and security. The same goes for getting you connected to the internet.

You will be supported from a dedicated member of staff, who will look after you from start to finish. Any sudden disconnections or problems, you can call us at any time and we promise that we will diagnose the problem and work to a solution as quickly as we can, minus the menu options and reference numbers.

Anti-virus Software, Virus and Malware Removal

Once we have established your security needs you won’t need to worry, we use the latest software that will act behind the scenes in keeping you and your users safe. Or maybe you need a checkup before your new anti-virus software? Our experts can do that too, a full virus and malware removal will make things better, meaning you can get on with things without the worry that your details are compromised.

Our continuing support ensures that even if a sneaky Trojan manages to get through just give us a call and we can fix that too. You can trust that we are keeping an eye on things.

Professional Email Client Setup

So you are all connected ready to go, ready to spread the word about your business. The next stage is communications, emails being the main language of the day. We will set up your domain, issue logins, getting you team up and talking. Not just on your desktop or laptop but on any device, mobile, iPad, you name we can get you connected, although you may not want too!

Our support doesn’t end there, any updates, changes or lost passwords, then CSI Belfast will be there. No stress, just valuable solutions.

Consultancy and Specialised IT Advice

Not sure if you need any help? Or maybe just not sure what to choose? At CSI Belfast we provide an unbiased consultancy service with our experienced team. From the beginning of the call you will speak with a dedicated, personal expert who will gain an understanding of your business needs. Together we will come up with a plan and implement the changes you need, no matter how small.

Our IT advice will ensure that you business is operating at it’s best without any hindrance from technology. Bad network connections or the wrong software for example can really take a toll on your business, instead have a chat with one of our staff and see the difference.

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

We won’t leave until you are smiling, but our support doesn’t end there; if hardware just stops, a screen is smashed or you’ve simply forgotten something, then get in touch and we will be there personally, because we are a small business as well, your details will still be fresh in our memory. No question is too simple, after all your business is our business.

Upgrades can take many forms, whole operating systems or simple application updates. To make sure things keeping running smoothly we will keep you updated with the latest trends, talking you through all the jargon and marketing, instead getting to the heart of what would be good for your company.

Software Installation, Training and Support

Now that you have everything running the final layer is what software do you need. Simple items like Microsoft Office are a standard, but even these can have a few tricky items, CSI Belfast will train your staff on the finer details of any software chosen, so you can trust that everything is being used to it’s full capacity.

When everything is installed, setup and ready to go you may recognise a few areas you and your staff need help with, we offer a full range of training services across a range of IT products, speak to one of our team for a tailored training package. We will continue to support you throughout treating you like the priority you are.