Microsoft Software

CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, windows 8 issues fixed fast with great value

Every office needs its basic software, Microsoft is the tool for most. It can be time consuming and tedious to order and install, on each desktop, which is why CSI Belfast can do the hard work for you.

Our staff will help you decide exactly what you need, install it on each desktop or laptop, sort the licences and train your team on the most efficient uses of the software. Even if you forget all the training our continuing support is a phone call or email away.

Parts and Accessories

CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, computer issues fixed fast with great value

No matter what you need, a screen, a mouse or RAM, CSI Belfast will find the best solution for you. You can trust that we won’t be selling anything that you don’t need, just the right equipment for your company.

Sometimes all you need is a simple upgrade and if we feel that this would be the best solution rather than new equipment our staff will give you their honest opinion. With CSI Belfast you can trust that you are getting a personal and tailored service and the best possible value.


CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, printer issues fixed fast with great value

Whether you need a simple device or something that can do everything from scan to photocopying, at CSI Belfast we will make sure that you have the best for you business needs. We will also keep you on the right path when it comes to the little things like paper and ink.

Small Servers

CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, computer issues fixed fast with great value

Our priority is to provide small businesses with the products that can give them the best and greatest value. Many companies don’t need Server Rooms packed to the roof with hardware, you might only need one, our no fuss IBM servers do just that.

CSI Belfast have tailored our small business to your needs so you can trust that we will be providing you with the appropriate server solutions, throughout implementation and installation we will be there monitoring and adjusting to your needs.


CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, network cabling issues fixed fast with great value

Routers, switches, firewalls, it can all sound a bit complicated but here at CSI Belfast our experts will make sure all your peripheral equipment is connected and running. The network will make sure all your users can access what they need to do their job, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

You will be connected quickly and securely giving you access to the world wide web. You will be one click away from your clients, allowing you to develop your business presence without having to worry about bad connections. If something does happen, our friendly staff are one call away.

Anti-virus Software

CSI Belfast sell Trend Micro the best anti virus software

The online world is becoming more of an integral part in our lives and with this comes a lot of new and complex dangers. Our aim is provide you with peace of mind and a service that will give you a sense of security. Your data is our priority so we use the best in anti-virus technology – Trend Anti-virus.

Once we get this up and running it will work away in the background, so you won’t have to worry about outside dangers or any internal blunders for that matter!

PC, Laptop and Mac

CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, laptop issues fixed fast with great value

CSI Belfast will work closely with your business to pinpoint exactly what equipment you need. As we are a small business we understand exactly what you need. Our knowledgeable staff will talk you through the options we have, which hardware is best for you and then support you throughout.

Whether it is a PC, laptop or Mac, we will install, setup and train you on everything you need to know. Because we specialise in providing for local, small businesses we are able to assess and offer you great value, we don’t treat you like a number.

Email Software

CSI Belfast puts your IT needs first, email issues fixed fast with great value

Emails are one of the main forms of communication we have with clients, at CSI Belfast we understand just how important they are to you as a business. Which means you need a reliable email service that can be trusted.

At CSI Belfast we will get you and your users set up with email addresses, secure passwords and all the tools you need to get up and running. Some of your dedicated staff may want access all the time on multiple devices, if so we will get them connected straight away.