You may or may not be aware but Windows Server 2003 is no more, with no further support. Reports have suggested that many small businesses are still operating on the Server but this will eventually have repercussions for your small business.

The simple fact of it is that you can no longer receive support, if and when something goes wrong the only option will be emergency support and with that comes the hefty price tag. The other major issue is security, patches will no longer be issued meaning that in this world of every growing online threats, your business will be behind in protection.

The idea of migrating Server can be daunting but in the long run it will save you time and money. Microsoft have been preparing the way with various tools to help you along the way, these can seem daunting, CSI Belfast can take away the pain and do the migration smoothly and quickly.

Windows Server 2012 Foundation or Essentials has all the new features that is ideal for small businesses and your needs. Virtualisation is a major feature of this server which is good for your company; creating space, removing unwanted extra hardware, it allows for virtual storage which save you space and improves efficiency.

Our team at CSI Belfast is experienced in the installation and support of Windows Server 2012, so don’t hesitate and get in touch with the team now.